Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easy to sew kids lavender flower

Over the summer we saved some lavender from the garden and dried it.  We planned to make a lavender bag with it and had been looking for a simple idea that M could have a go at.  Shortly he will be seeing his Grandparents.  He has already made a bookmark for his Granddad so I thought this was a great idea to make for his Grandma.
For Christmas M had been given a great box of felt with all sorts of colours so he could have his choice.  I had a piece of extra thick felt that I thought would be good for this.
Voile fabric
Lavender (or other smelly filling)
We thought we would make a flower but you could do any shape.  I might even try some stars for Christmas and fill them with cloves.
To start with I made a flower template and then cut out two flowers.
In the middle of one of the flowers I cut a circle.

Once you have your flower you need some fabric to cover the centre.  I had some fabric cut off the bottom of my voile curtains, but you could use any thin fabric.  I cut mine a little larger than the flower to make sure that it fitted.
Then make a sandwich, with the solid shape at the back, then the voile and last the shape with the hole. 

Sew round the centre leaving a gap put in your lavender.  If you don't have lavender you could use a dried herb or small potpourri.  Once you have your gap fill the middle with your choice of filling and finish sewing to hold it all in.
Once I finished the centre, I then trimmed the thin fabric so that you don't see the edge of it.
If you want you could leave it just like this, but we decided to add a loop of ribbon.

To finish ours off we sewed all round the outside, but this depends how much sewing you want to do.  I'm sure it would be fine with only the middle sewn up.
If you would like to see more easy sewing projects that kids could do have a look at our Pinterest board Sewing projects for kids.  I'm looking forward to doing some of the fun Christmas ideas.
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  1. Very cute! A good idea of a small present!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. One day I had a group of my sons friends round and they wanted to sew something so we did these they loved them.


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    you always make a blast on your blog with new posts.
    And started my own Here's my site
    Thanks for all


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