Monday, March 9, 2015

Tissue Paper Flower Bowls

Via Pinterest I found a great idea for making bowls out of tissue paper, glue and balloons. 

These were made by Meri Cherry.  She has some great ideas for crafts over a range of ages worth a look.  They are really easy to make.

All you need is
a balloon
tissue paper
glue (we used wall paper paste)
 pressed flowers (optional)
cut out shapes (optional)

We had lots of white tissue paper left over from when we moved, so I decided to change things a bit and use this.

I stood the balloon in a flower pot to hold it.  You can use any type of container for this just what I had to hand.  If it makes things easier you could tape the balloon to the container. I decided not to blow the balloon up all the way to make it quicker to make.  Then covered the balloon in bits of tissue paper. We used wall paper paste as we had it handy it is also easy to work with.  We used the paint brush to paint the glue on the balloon and over the tissue paper to flatten it. Just go as far up the balloon as you want to. As tissue paper is thin it is a good idea to do a couple of layers. .

In our craft stash from last summer we had a container of pressed flowers.  I thought these might be nice to decorate the bowls.  So just like the tissue paper we glued some flowers on to the balloon.  It doesn't matter how even the edges are as you can trim these at the end if you want to.  We also did one decorated with flowers cut out of coloured tissue paper.

Once you have put enough layers and decorations on the bowl leave it to dry.  When the bowl is totally dry pop the balloon.  Don't worry the bowl will wrinkle up with the balloon but then it will go back to shape.  When I popped the pressed flower one (that I thought was dry) the inside under the flowers was still wet so leave this one longer to dry.
After making the pressed flower bowl I thought that I could have varnished it to protect the flowers.  This would be easiest to do when it is totally dry but before popping the balloon.