Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Easy Spring Plants

I love using Pinterest to find activities from great Blogs.  Especially when I find a couple of different ones I like and mix them together into one activity.  This one used the basic idea of a Bouquet of flowers and some free flower printables by First Grade Bloomabilities.  We also used our own twist by printing the flowers onto photo paper as we did in our Drawing on Photo Paper.
I printed out a couple of sheets of small flowers onto photo paper and then got M to colour them in.
Once they were coloured and cut out we move onto making the plant. 
We took an A3 piece of thick paper and put glue along the long side and then folded it over.  Don't press down the folded side you want it to stay rounded.
Then you want to cut strips from the rounded side towards the side you glued together.  Don't go all the way.

Once you have cut strips all the way along roll the paper along the glued edge into a tube.  Then fluff out the leaves.
You can then stick on your flowers.
This idea was originally a bouquet of flowers.  We decided to stick a strip of brown paper around the bottom on the stems to make a pot turning it into a plant.

Afterwards we also decided to make another one and stick on daffodils for more of a spring look or you could draw your own flowers.

Here is my Spring Activities board where I've saved lots more spring activities that look fun to have a go at.


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  1. Hi there!

    I LOVE the bouquet of flowers! SO THRILLED you used my clip art for this lovely project! I'm going to have my First Graders make this for Mother's Day. Thanks so much!



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