Thursday, January 29, 2015

Drawing on Photo Paper


While browsing Pinterest the other day I found a lovely picture that I thought would be fun to have a go at.  With the bright vibrant colours I wondered what it would look like on glossy photo paper.
Being shinny paper I thought I would have a go with permanent markers.  I started off drawing some circles for the middle and lines going out from them.  Gradually I filled the gaps with various patterns and started to colour them in.  The pens worked really well and didn't smudge.  The paper and pens together gave a really nice shinny finish.
Seeing how well the permanent markers worked, I tried normal felt tips.  To my surprise these worked just as well, which was good as we had a wider range of colours.  Now I knew this worked I thought I would get M to have a go when he needed some quiet time.  Ok he was tired so after a while lost interest and just wanted the tele but he loved working out new patterns to use.
I loved the pictures but as mine were then just going to sit around I wondered what else I could do with them.  I decided to get a piece of black paper and cut shapes out. 
This was then placed over the original picture to see what effect it gave. 
I liked this but thought something was missing.  I decided to try outlining the shames with a white pencil.  I thought this just finished them off.

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