Friday, December 19, 2014

Puffy Paint Colouring in

A while ago we had a go at puffy shaving cream snowmen.  This worked really well and M wanted to try other types of puffy paint.
So I browsed Pinterest for puffy paint ideas.  Teaching Mama had a recipe for Home Made Puffy Paint, that I thought we would try out.  It only used basic supplies that I already had in.  Today I decided I would try it out while M was at school to iron out any wrinkles with it.  I also decided it would be fun to try colouring in a picture using it.  As it is December I printed off some Christmas pictures but you could use any pictures you fancy.
I didn't have any black food colouring so I decided to colour these bits in with pen.  Then I got going with the bottles of puffy paint.  I had empty hair dye bottles handy. I'd been wanting to try it for a while so had them saved up.

My first attempt the father Christmas, I just did on the paper straight from the printer.  When I put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to puff up the paper curled up.

Next I tried a Christmas tree.  But before painting it I stuck it to a piece of cereal box.  This worked much better.  I also lowered the power on the microwave and I think the paint puffed better.
I also didn't have any white, so fell back on the shaving foam paint for Santa.  I love this paint.  Another time I'm going to try colouring this.  This paint also works well with glitter.  But don't use glitter in the puffy paint that goes in the microwave.

Now ready for when M wants a go with the paints.

When M came home from school he was excited and wanted to get started.  I decided that after lunch was a better idea.  It was the last day of school so he had no home work and was soon into creating Puffy Pain masterpieces.


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