Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Luminaries for kids.

Recently (on Pinterest) I saw this great idea for making a Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Luminary.  This was done using glass paints, But I thought maybe there was an easier cheaper way to do the same thing as it was for kids to do.

I decided to experiment with permanent markers to see what they would do.  I didn't even know if they would stick to the glass or just rub off.  So I tried them out on a spare glass jar to see what would happen.  It was worth trying them out first.  I found out that one of my black markers stayed a lot darker than the other and that the darker colours showed up better.
I was pleased when the idea seemed to work.  Recently I was in a second hand shop and spotted a couple of nice shaped jars that I thought would be great for this craft.  I had also picked up some battery operated night light candles so M can even have it in his room.
You could just draw a picture or pattern straight onto the jar, but I decided to draw a pattern in black first and then colour it in.
Now I just need to wait for it to get dark so I can see what it looks like with the candle in.
M then got carried away decorating anything glass in our recycling box.

 It was his teachers birthday the next day so he decided to add stick on ribbons and turn one into a birthday present.