Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Make your own advent calendar

When M was younger I started making him an advent calendar.  This now seems to have become a tradition.  It is only the end of October and he has been asking about this years one.  That got me thinking about what I could make this year.  Since last year I've started using Pinterest a lot for inspiration.  It is so easy to use.  Just type in the subject you want to search for and lots of great pictures will be found for you.  In the past we have made a train and a Christmas tree.

This year I've decided to go a bit more grown up.  Not sure if this choice is more for me or for M, but I'm looking forward to having a go at making it.

When I made the first advent calendar I went to a craft shop and bought the boxes. Ok they were nice and plain so easy to work with, but cost me a fortune.  This year I went to the local supermarket and bought 24 boxes of matches.  So if anyone has an idea what to do with hundreds of matches let me know.
As I'm making this and not M I've decided to work leaving the matches in the boxes for now.  Thought  this might keep things a bit sturdier while I'm sticking everything together.  First of all you need to stick your boxes together in piles of 3.
Again to help keep things sturdy I decided to glue a piece of cereal box onto the side of the boxes.
Ok so far so good.  Now I just need to look around the shops for some nice Christmas paper to decorate them with.
I've now found some nice glittery wrapping paper so I can get on with the Advent calendar.  I cut out two squares of thicker cardboard to use as the base and top.  Then I covered the sides of the match boxes and top with our wrapping paper.  The base I decided to cover with white felt to make it a bit snowy.

Once I had all the boxes, top and base covered I stacked glued and stacked them up.

At this stage I then tipped out all the matches and added split pins for the handles.  This was easier when I made a whole first.  I used a safety pin and then enlarged it a bit before putting the pin in.
Now it is all constructed comes the fun of decorating it.  I had some lovely snowflake stickers so decided to use these.  I thought as I was making this for a child and not myself I should add a bit of colour.  I put the stickers onto light blue card and then cut them out before sticking them on.

Finally I added numbers to the draws.  I decided to jumble the numbers up so that M will have to look for the number each day.

Nearer the time I'll put a joke and a small sweet in each draw.
I just need to find lots of ideas now to do with match.  All ideas welcome.