Saturday, August 30, 2014

Art doesn't have to be perfect.

For a long time M has got upset when things don't go the way he wants.  Recently this got worse as he is now more interested in Art and drawing.  He started throwing tantrums when his picture, painting, craft etc. isn't perfect (in his mind).  It probably doesn't help that we often do crafts together and he sees what I do.  I ask him how old he thinks I am and explain that I've had a lot more practice.

  One morning recently I got a rare few minutes in bed to read while he was drawing in his room.  Then  all hell broke loose his picture hadn't gone right.

This got me thinking about other ways to explain that all art is good and doesn't have to be perfect.  I went on to the computer and googled Picasso.  On the screen were lots of examples of his work.  I got M in and asked him, "are these pictures perfect."  looking at some of the weird faces he said "no".  I then explained that they were done by a famous artist.  I think this surprised him a bit.

A couple of days later we had a free after and M wanted to get the paints out.  This was a great opportunity to again show that art doesn't have to be perfect. M wanted to start by getting the salad spinner out. This was good because you have very little control over the finished picture.
After this we went onto water colours.  On the internet I had seen a couple of ideas using a very random background.  These fitted my purpose and also looked fun so we gave them a go.
They both just wanted blobs of paint for the background.  The first one was very random and some swirly lines for a tree.
Then I got a bit fancier.  I painted a few random blogs of paint, a green base and blue background.  I knew what I had in mind but M had no idea.
I made sure that the blobs of paint and the flowers I drew after were not perfect.  Not that I can draw any way. I was actually quite impressed with how they turned out.
After that I did a very rough background and gave it to M.
I asked him to have a look at the picture and tell me what he thought it would be.  Then was his turn to make it into something.
Just what I had in mind and by far perfect.  But he really enjoyed doing it and the finished product.  I just hope now he might just occasionally remember that art doesn't have to be perfect.
If you are looking for art ideas to do with kids have a look at my Art for kids pinterest board.