Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Woodland birthday party

Lots of M's friends have their birthdays in the Autumn and winter.  The weather can't be guaranteed so they end up with parties in places like McDonald's or a soft play centre. With M's birthday being in June with hopefully better weather I like to be a bit different.  I must admit that I also like the planning and making things for a party.  So while he is still young enough to enjoy them  I still plan his birthday party myself.  Since we moved one of his friends in our road has his birthday the day after.  It would be the same kids invited to both parties so to make life easier we have joint party.  The other boy is Swiss and as we live in Switzerland it is so much easier having a Swiss mum helping with the planning.

M had been saying he didn't want a party at home this year.  So I came up with the idea of a party in the woods.  In Switzerland you can use one of the many fireplaces in the woods to grill sausages.  This is one of M's favourite summer activities and became the starting point for the party.  From here I got carried away on Pinterest looking for woodland party ideas.

Animal Masks

I always start planning way to early so wasn't put off sewing (by hand) 24 animal masks.

I chose to make foxes and Owls from templates I found on  http://www.illistyle.com/masks/
The owls and foxes were the most popular.
Bows/Arrows and Catapults
Being a boys party I decided there had to be some bows and arrows and Catapults.  Instead of shooting at each other I thought some targets would be a good idea.  My first thought was to make some cardboard animals.  But then I decided that wasn't such a bright idea so the card got turned into Toadstools instead.  These were mounted on canes and pushed into the ground.

 Woodland Animal Hunt
Last year we did pirates and had a treasure hunt.  This year I decided the kids could hunt for animals in the woods with this great Woodland Animal Hunt.
I produced a printout for them to tick the animals off.  These didn't get used the kids started finding the animals before I got the sheets out.  So I left them to it as they were having a great time.

Woodland Craft

With the weather being something we couldn't control We had to plan for this as well.  With our grill platz (fire area)  we were lucky that it came with a table and shelter.  So if the weather didn't play ball we could do a craft in the shelter.  Browsing the Internet I found a great idea for making picture frames using natural materials the kids could find in the woods.  I just prepared them all in advance.

As we were very lucky with the weather and the kids finding a rope hanging from a tree they didn't actually need the craft so went home with a plane picture frame to decorate if they wanted to.

Party Bags

Pinterest came in useful again to make the party bags.  I wanted to do something a bit different again and came up with this owl idea.  I filled them with sticks (pretzels) and fallen leaves (chocolate breakfast cereal and raisins).  I also found some jelly Worms and Snakes.  M wouldn't let me put spiders in them.

I've also produced a printable if you want to have a go at making these.

And I even got carried away with the birthday cake.

If it had turned out a really wet miserable day we would have abandoned the woods and had the party at home.  I had a few ideas for indoor games that I will have to write up including using cotton wool balls with the catapults.  Since the party I've also found some great origami animals that I've added to my Origami Pinterest Board.