Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring flower arrangement.

When I lived in England I used to be a florist.  So every now and again I like to do something floral.  This morning we went for a walk to a stream at the end of our road.  There are various trees and bushes there that can cope with being trimmed a little bit.  So back with came with a bunch of buds, catkins and blossom to make a spring flower arrangement.  Luckily I was organised and already had some oasis in and had made some flowers from egg boxes and crepe paper.

Oasis or floral foam is so easy to use as long as you soak it correctly.  All you have to do is fill a container with water and float your oasis on the top. Leave the Oasis to soak up the water on it's own.  If you push it under the middle won't soak up the water.  Cut the Oasis roughly to size before you soak it.  Then you can use the rest another time.

Now put your Oasis in a container that will hold water, so that you can water your arrangement later on.

Next we made a start putting in the things we had collected on our walk this morning.
We had a variety of home made flowers to choose from.  M decide on these daffodils cut out from card with an egg box section stuck in the middle.
I used some daffodils made from crepe paper earlier in the week.  I had found a good deal on crepe paper and got a bit carried away browsing the Internet for things to make with it.  Flowers seemed to be popular so I ended up making these daffodils  There are also some Roses waiting to do another arrangement in the summer.
There were also other flower made from egg boxes that got added at the end.
Daffodils from Itsy Bitsy Fun

Every couple of days use a watering can to top up the container.  Watch the buds and see what happens.

While browsing the Internet I found lots of ideas for making flowers.  If you would like to see some more of the ideas I found have a look at our Pinterest Board Spring Activities


  1. Love this! So colorful and bright - perfect for welcoming spring! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Aww, these are just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party :-)


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