Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun with Paper Planes

In M's kindergarten at the moment their theme is Paper and Card.  They have been told they can't play with the normal toys only ones they make themselves using paper and card.  Today M came home saying he tried to make a paper plane but it didn't work very well.  Then he asked me to go on the computer and find instructions to make some different ones.  I've never been good at these so thought the computer might not be a bad idea.  As he tells me Google is a wonderful thing.

After a bit of browsing around I found the Disney UK website.  They had a printout for paper planes with nice clear instructions.  M loved having a go at making these,  and enjoyed it even more as they were the planes from the Disney film.  There were 6 different planes you could print out.  Each plane came with instructions.  After printing it all out and making them we realised there was only 2 different styles of plane so we didn't need to print all the instructions, just one copy for each different shape of plane.

You can also just print out the instructions and make some planes using plain paper and then decorate them yourself.  This would save on the ink and make them more personal.

They also has a record sheet for racing your planes.  This made flying even more competitive, Which plane would go the furthest and in our case which would do the best turns.  I'm not the best pilot so we ended up with a few crash landings and one went over the fence.

M also ended up launching them from his Bedroom window, but didn't think much of my piloting when I couldn't fly them back to him.

I was surprised at how well these flew.  I've actually decided to save these instructions for the next time.  Also a great idea to make on holiday with any paper or leaflet you have to hand. 
If you have instructions to make different paper planes please post them below and with your permission I'll add a link and Photo to this post.
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  1. What a fun way to spend the afternoon! Thank you for sharing via Family Fun Friday, where I am featuring this post this week.

  2. Thank you very much Stephanie. Glad you liked it.

  3. Just love paper planes. Such a classic. Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party

  4. Paper planes are a ton of fun!

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  5. A simple activity all kids love

  6. We love making paper airplanes! Thanks for linking to the Outdoor Play Party.

  7. such an easy and fun activity! #pinitparty


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