Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring Flower Garden

We have been lucky this year with a very mild winter.  Last year it felt the snow just wasn't going to disappear.  Even so we are looking forward to the spring weather and flowers. The daffodils are starting to pock through the soil and we have already seen snowdrops.  So I'm not surprised to be seeing lots of ideas on the internet for making various flowers. I can't  wait to get around to making some of these and decided to make a garden/window box for them to go in.

Recently we had a lot of polystyrene left after unpacking some flat packed furniture.  Amongst this was a piece the size of a brick.  I decided this would make a great base for making an indoor window box.  I started off painting the block brown to look like soil.

I thought I would turn ours into a window box but you could also do a  garden by cutting out green grass to stick around it.  To turn ours into a window box I cut out some pieces of paper shown in this photo.
The size and number of these will vary depending on the size of your polystyrene.  I folded 4 of the arrow shaped pieces in half to make the corners and stuck them onto our block.
The others were then also glued on and cut to size.
Now to make the flowers.
I saw these Tulips on craft They are very easy to make with a nice clear tutorial.  We had already coloured some wooden skewers with green food colouring so we used these as our stems.  The first flower can now be added to our garden.
This afternoon I ended up with two boys wanting to join in making spring flowers. So we ended up making more of the tulips and also some sunflowers.  The instructions for these I found at the baby centre They were really easy to make.  It was just handy that I already had the outline for the daffodils ready made.
While the boys were doing Daffodils and Tulips, I got carried away and make a ladybird and a butterfly.

I'd had lots more ideas for making spring flowers but we ran out of time for these. 
So if you are looking for flowers to make out of cake cases or egg boxes have a look at our
Spring Activities Pinterest Board.  You never know I might still get around to making some more myself.
Here are a few I was especially looking forward to having a go at.


  1. Hi there. I found you through the Link & Learn blog hop. I love spring/Easter crafts. This is so cute!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked this. It kept me and two boys occupied for an afternoon.

  2. Oh, so cute!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  3. This is very cute! Thanks for sharing with the after school blog hop! Planning to feature this tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks for this. Do you have a flower craft and photo I could add to the list of flowers at the end.

  4. This is a terrific idea! I will use it for Mother's Day with my grandkids. The setting is particularly charming! Thank you!

  5. Very nice! I will give a go to those flowers! thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty


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