Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Indoor fun in the snow


Last weekend we bought some new furniture that came flat packed.  As normal it came in lots of cardboard and polystyrene packaging.  It was my job to tidy all this away.  I took one look at it all and thought not until we have made something from it. 

So the polystyrene and cardboard all got neatly stacked in the basement.  That was until today.  We have been reading a Magic Tree House book called Sunset of the Sabertooth.  This is set in the ice age.  This gave me the idea of making an ice age scene out of the polystyrene.

There were some large sheets so these got tapped together to make a base.

Ok it isn't ice age but we then decided we wanted our trains to be able to drive through.  So we got some track and drew round it so that we knew where it would go.
After this we started cutting up the polystyrene. This was very easy with our carving knife.  Matthew did use this but he is very sensible and I was doing it with him.  These blocks then stuck to the base to make our Ice Age.

In the story we are reading there are caves.  So we built a cave in the corner.  Trains go through tunnels so we also built one of those.  Think we might be getting further from the Ice Age all the time.  Oh well he is having fun.
In the snow you also get snowmen right.  We used cookie cutters of different sizes to cut out circles to make ours.
We also decided to add some animals.  I looked through the box but no polar bears or penguins.  Dinosaurs it would have to be.  I said we were getting away from the ice age.
Now all that is left is the tidying up. You can imagine the mess all this polystyrene has made.  The little balls were all over the lounge and kitchen.


  1. This looks so fun, my boys would definitely love it! They are crazy about trains!
    Thanks for linking up to the Tuesday Tutorial Pin Party

  2. Love this, will have to try it out with my son :)


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