Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun with Vowels

At the moment we are working on spelling and pronunciation. Matthew will be going to be going to the speech therapist. But he will be doing this in German.  There are some English sounds he has trouble with that are not in the  German language so we will be working on these ourselves at home. I'm hoping with this game that he will listen to the way he is saying words and hear the sounds.
Don't worry about he a it is on a separate sheet.

I printed out some trains with the vowels on them (there is also a sheet with flowers).  We then printed out a selection of pictures.  These pictures all have a vowel in the middle of the word that you can hear.  The idea was to say the word that the picture was showing and match the vowel to the train or flower.
I have included a copy of the pictures here if you are interested in using our words.  Print here
You could just sit down quietly with all this in front of you.  Or you could hide the pictures around the room for the child to find. 
Some of the pictures could have more than one word such as alarm and clock.  It doesn't matter what word the child uses it is just to get them listening to the sound of words.
After doing this you could get out some magnetic letters or scrabble tiles and spell the words.  Or you could write the letters and hang them on a washing line.

 If you are looking for more spelling and word games try looking on our spelling games pinterest board.


  1. Speech therapy has made such an amazing difference here - best of luck with it and thank you for sharing your ideas on the Kids Coop

  2. We love the pictures for the vowels! Some total boy and tomboy pictures! The snake is all-too-popular and might end up painted on someone's bedroom door! Thank you so much! Blessings from Port Huron, Michigan


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