Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Building with polystyrene

Recently we coloured some bamboo skewers green to make stems for spring flowers.  I liked the way they turned out so got carried away and coloured some more.  To do this I used power food colouring with a little water in a zip lock bag.  I left the sticks to soak for a while and then stood them in an old container to drip before laying them across a bowl to dry.  We also had a huge box of polystyrene left over from flat packed furniture.  Luckily my husband hadn't had the chance to throw it all away.  So I put the two together and we ended up building.

The building was so easy.  All you had to do was stick the skewers into the polystyrene blocks.  We had some long strips that we just broke down for this.
We also used cocktail sticks.  I would say these were more stable.  Next time I'll colour these as well.  I didn't have any blue powder so after colouring eggs at Easter I'll try colouring sticks with the left over dye.  Wonder how this will turn out?

This occupied M for ages.  He even wanted to keep it out for the evening when a baby sitter was coming to look after him while we went to the parents evening at Kindergarten. Show off.

There are so many more activities we want to try out.  I save them in Pinterest.  Have a look at our  Pinterest boards if you would like more ideas.


  1. We featured this post on our Awesome Things Tuesday link up party. Come on over and grab your button and link up more awesome things. Thanks for sharing.

    Jessica @ Preserving Life's Moments

    1. Thank you very much for this. Glad you liked it. Kept M occupied for ages.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this at our Summer Family Fun party this week! What a great idea! I'm also featuring on my FB page next Friday as part of my kids craft round up.

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