Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Painting with Glitter glue.

The other day Matthew decided to get out some mandalas to colour in.  I find them on the internet and then just print them out.  This time I decided to do one at the same time.  I started off just colouring it in as normal.  Then I decided to fill in the centre with glitter glue to see what would happen.

The glue didn't have enough colour so I decided it was best to colour it in and then put glitter glue over the top.
I started with glitter glue just in the centre this was spread over each area with a small bush.  Then I got carried away and just squeezed the glue along the outer stripes.
After trying this and liking the outcome I moved on.  I had seen a great craft on Red Ted Art for making a Chinese Dragon Puppet.  She has even produced the dragon to print and colour just go to Red Ted Art to print it. I had been wanting to do this for a while but Matthew wasn't so interested.  That was until he saw the one I coloured in.
I started printing this on red card.  Thinking I could just add the glitter but it didn't show up.  So I printed it again on white paper, coloured it in and added the glitter as before.
I coloured each section and then squeezed a small amount of glue into one area at a time.  Then I got the small paint brush out again and spread it around the area.  This gave a really nice metallic finish.  It took a while to dry so I ran out of time to complete it.  I'm looking forward to finishing off the puppet tomorrow.

Thanks Red Ted Art for this great idea.  Looking forward to Matthew doing a show with it.

Here are other crafts we have Pinned to do in the future.  Pinterest

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  1. That came our beautiful! I love glitter glue - it's just as pretty as glitter but without all the mess!


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