Monday, January 27, 2014

Magic Tree House books

In the Autumn holidays Matthew surprised me.  We had been to a second hand book shop and found a few Magic Tree House books.  Over the holiday he came into bed with me in the morning and started to read one.  He had been reading for a long time but only little bits.  So I was most surprised when he read this.  Ok we had been lucky enough to pick up book 1 of this series and it was Valley of the Dinosaurs which caught his attention straight away.  The book had 10 chapters and about 80 pages with only a few black and white pictures.  Over the holiday he went on to finish the story. 

I spoke to a friend about these books and found out they are best read in order.  Nan came to the rescue by sending the next 8 books out through the post.  He was so excited to get them.  As he now has a collection we decided to get carried away.

 As you may have seen we started off by making a tree house. And then to go along with the stories we had to add some books

Now we are doing a craft or activity to go with each book.

For Valley of the Dinosaurs we found some great Dinosaurs to make and decorate.  We have also made a Papier-mâché Volcano to go with some small wooden Dinos we had.

The Knight at Dawn  Matthew decided to make a picture of a castle.  We have also made one of an old packing box

Mummies in the morning we got carried away by making a Pyramid complete with Palm trees.

There is now a mouse in the story.  So this afternoon I think we will try making mice out of walnut shells and then try to race them.  Should be fun.

I have now started saving ideas in advance when I see them.  Especially when I know there is a hard subject coming up.  Must admit the Ninjas challenged me a bit in Night of the Ninjas.  I used to print out all these ideas but now I use Pinterest that makes things so much easier.   Here is the Magic tree house book activities board.

I also like these books because they are fiction but include non fiction information in them, so Matthew can learn things at the same time.

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