Thursday, January 16, 2014

Collage Pictures.

Today Matthew had kindergarten in the morning, came home for lunch and then had to go back again.  When he came home he had some snack and played with his train for a while.  I like it when he does this so I could actually sit down with a hot cup of tea. 
After a while he wanted a quiet activity to do, so I came up with the idea of doing a collage.
We have a large box of bits and pieces left over from other crafts and lots of different types of paper.
We then got his big roll of paper out and cut off a length for our picture.  In the end we decided to do a picture of a house.
We used some blue tissue paper for the sky, and cotton wool for the clouds.  For the sun we used some cellophane wrappers off chocolates and coloured pumpkin seeds.  At Halloween I had saved the seeds from our Pumpkin.  Thanks to Sugar Ants I was able to find out how to colour them. I knew they would come in useful for something.
We decided on a tree to go in the garden.  We had a look through our box and decided to use cocktail sticks.  Matthew didn't fancy the brown raffia.  For Christmas he had been given a bag of sequins.  In there we spotted some leaves.
The main part of our picture was the house made of paper and the garden.  We had small pieces of paper left over from making a mosaic picture so these became the grass and a swing in the garden.

Later on we were talking about what else we could have used.  Ideas such as sand, coloured rice and pasta were suggested.  Think we are doing a beach scene next time.


  1. These are awesome - I love all the different materials that found their way onto the picture!

  2. Thank you. Next time we are going to use sand for a beach.

  3. So pretty. I love seeing what kids can create with different materials. Thanks for sharing at the After School Link Party

  4. Love, Love this collage! Thanks for sharing it via our FB page today! #appreciated

  5. What a great range of materials and a lovely picture as well. Beautiful. Thanks so much for coming along to the Parenting Pin it Party xx

  6. This mixed media collage turned out lovely! Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  7. I love all of the different materials you've used, looks great.

  8. It's gorgeous and I love the use of the coloured pumpkin seeds

  9. Thanks for all your comments. Glad you liked the pictures. I don't suppose any of you can tell me how to add a picture when I do these comments. Thanks.

  10. LOVE the finished product! Thanks for sharing this at After School!

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