Friday, December 13, 2013

Time for the fresh decorations.

Just about on top of the Christmas preparations, planned time today to make the door wreath.  On the way back from shopping yesterday I went out to the woods to collect some foliage to make it.  Just as well I did.  Got home to a message saying the heating engineer was coming out.  Not good news he found big problems with the heating.  We spent the night without it while the parts he needed were delivered.  Looks like he will be here most of the day today. Handy we have a wood fire and good neighbours with electric heaters.

OK so the wreath this year is going to be quite plain.  I was going to go out today to collect some berries.  That is now out the window.  Might have to use ribbon to spice it up.  Not my normal choice.

Found the wooden frame down in the Christmas boxes that I made last year.  One less thing to have to make.  Unless Matthew comes home from kindergarten wanting to make one as well.

I find it easies to cut up lots of small bits of foliage before I start making the wreath but of course I ran out and had to cut more as I went along.

Then all you need to do is hold the foliage on the frame and wind some string round to hold it in place.
Keep going all the way round.  Adding any berries etc. as you go.  I just had a few catkins.
I then added some ribbon.  Normally I just tie a bow at the top.
Thought I would just show what I was planning to make from last year.
Still not sure about the ribbon. This afternoon onto candle arrangements and icing the Christmas cake.  Might just leave the engineer for a bit to go down the end of the road for berries.

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