Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pinecone crafts.

On our holiday this year in Spain we collected some big pinecones.  They got smuggled back in my case (so that my other half didn't see them). Thinking they would come in hand at some time.  Today was that time.  We turned them into Christmas decorations.
I got out the glitter, sequins, pinecones and various glues.  We started of trying to use the stick glues but these didn't work to well.  We then went over to the PVA glue and this worked a lot better.
All you need to do is put the glue on the pinecone.
We decided it was then easier to put the pinecone in a sealable bag with the glitter, then shake it to coat the glue.
Thin this way we might had a little less glitter all over the place.  Just make sure you give the cone a little shake inside the bag before you take it out to collect the loose glitter.
Then put them aside to dry.
I was then thinking we would stick on some sequins, but he decided we would just use two colours of glitter on each pinecone.
Once they were dry I put a screw in the end of the pinecone to tie on a bow and piece of ribbon.  Then they were put outside in the garden on a tree.
 Here are some more great crafts that you can do with pinecones.

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Rockabye Butterfly pinecone Gnome
Love this gnome.

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