Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Star

11 Yeas ago when we lived in England before moving to Switzerland I used to be a florist.  When we moved I discovered that the floristry style was very different and of course I didn't speak German.  Luckily I was in the position that I didn't need to work so I decided to do voluntary work before my son arrived.  Although at times being an adult with adult company would be nice.
Sometime though I like to fall back my floristry skills and Christmas is one of them. Today I decided to make a star to hang up outside.  So this morning in heavy frost I decided to go for a walk to collect some willow twigs.
I came home with a bundle of willow twigs.  (I use willow because it is nice and flexible with nice straight twigs.) Once you have your twigs you need to strip any leaves that are left and any side twigs so that you have nice straight pieces.
Once you have your sticks lay a few out in the shape you want.  I put two sticks going each way but you can make it as thick as you want.

Then you need to tie the points together.
I also decided to tie it where they crossed over to hold it together better.  Once you have your shape trim off the ends.
I wasn't happy with this shape so I then played about with it a bit to get a better star. 
You could leave it like this but I decided to make it a bit more rustic.  If you tuck the end of another stick through two sticks to hold it in place you can then wrap it around the frame you have.
As you add more sticks it is easier to tuck the ends in.
Again you could leave it plain like this, or cover it with Christmas foliage.  I decided this year we would decorate it with beads.  I had some fishing line type thread so I put some beads on this and wrapped it around the star.  To keep a bead in place on the thread (if you want gaps), thread the bead on to where you want it and then take the thread through the same direction a second time.
I got to this stage and decided I really should leave it so that Matthew could decorate it as that was the plan in the first place.
Last year I made a ring that I turned into a door wreath.  At the end of the Christmas season I took the foliage off  and kept the ring to decorate again this year.  That is still to be done.

Another idea could be to put lights around it and turn it into a table decoration.  Lots of different possibilities.  Wonder If I could make a willow Reindeer.  Now that is pushing it a bit.


If you are looking for other great Christmas crafts try looking at my Pinterest Christmas board.


  1. I so want to work with willow - these decorations look fab. Do you have any tips about where to buy it if you don't have access to it growing anywhere?

  2. Not sure where you can buy it. I was lucky I could walk down to a stream at the end of my road and just cut it. good luck with it.

  3. Awesome, I will have to pin for next year.

  4. These look fabulous! I love it when nature is used for decorations. :)


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