Thursday, November 14, 2013

Window pictures

A while ago a saw an idea for doing window art on sticky backed plastic.  Today we had some spare time and Matthew wanted to do some making so I decided to give it a go.  To start with I was just going to give him a plain sheet to work on but after seeing lots of other bloggers doing Christmas crafts decided to join in the fun.

First of all we stuck a sheet of sticky backed plastic on the window.  Sticky side out.  I just used sellotape to hold it in place.

Then I cut out a Christmas tree shape from green paper and stuck it on the plastic.  The middle piece I have saved for future use.

In our basement we have a making box, full of all the odds and ends you get left with after doing other activities.  There is all sorts in her, sequins, coloured pumpkin seeds, coloured rice, feathers, corks, old CD's you name it, it has probably been in here at some point.
I also used hole punches to make some stars and snowflakes.  Matthew is into snow at the moment as he saw some on hills out of his bedroom window yesterday.  Even though it was only a sprinkling and gone by the end of the day he is eager to be getting his sledge out.  I hope this might wait a little longer please.

Then he was let loose to decorate the tree.

Think he probably had most of the box emptied over his bedroom floor.


Fine silver ribbon became cable for the tree lights and coloured pumpkin seeds became the light bulbs.


  1. I love this! I think we'll have to try something similar here. And hey! We have almost that exact same container here, which holds our scraps and odds and ends!

    1. Matthew loved doing this picture. Thanks for all your great ideas Jackie, they help a lot to keep him and other kids occupied.


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