Sunday, November 3, 2013

Washing line words and Letters.

Matthew is really into learning at the moment.  Reading, writing, Maths he loves it all.  Even if he doesn't start doing it all at school for another year.  I don't try to push him just pick up on things that he interested in at the time.

We were sat on the train the other day and he asked to do some sums.  So there was I sat on the train saying 1+3, 5+2 etc.  A mum opposite was amazed and asked how old he was.  She said he was doing really well.

He also keeps saying what letter words start with and loves to play I Spy in the car.  So today we played a word game.  Matthew had actually come up with idea and I had prepared the cards over night.

We were going to make a washing line and peg words onto it. We tied some string between two chairs. This is a great activity because it can be used at so many different levels, from learning the alphabet to learning to spell words.

Firstly I wrote lots of letters onto pieces of paper.  Making sure every letter of the alphabet was included, and added more of common letters and to make up words to interest your kid.  I had to make sure we could do train and his name along with others.
Matthews idea was to print out lots of pictures.  Thanks for clip art I would be lost without it.  You would hardly recognise things if I had to draw them.
His idea then was to put the first letter of the word on the washing line next to the picture.  We had done this in the past putting the letters in alphabetical order.

Then he wanted to expand the idea by pegging up the whole word.  I had tried to  find pictures with easy words to start him on spelling.
To start this he had some words written out and just had to find the letters and peg them on the line.  After that you can go onto spelling words without having them written down. After Matthew pegged a few words I asked him to close his eyes and spell the words.  Ok train he managed but after that I have a funny feeling there may have been a few gaps between the fingers.
Matthew goes to a Swiss kindergarten so next year he will be learning to do all this but in German.  So it is down to me to teach him to write etc in English.  He is so into learning I go with the flow and started a lot earlier than school.  He can now read chapter books in English and a little in German.  Just hope he isn't bored when the others learn at school.


  1. Great job integrating the fine motor piece with the language arts activity. Can't get enough fine motor training around here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary! Thanks so much for adding this to my vocabulary link collection!


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