Thursday, November 28, 2013

Recycling Art

A few days ago we did painting using marbles.  We ended up with paintings drying all over the kitchen. Only so many of them can go up on Matthew's notice board so we decided to recycle some of them into Christmas cards and decorations.

This green picture we decided to turn into Christmas cards for Matthew's teachers.
With another picture we made a hanging decoration
I cut the picture into 2cm wide strips.
Then using fishing line type thread I joined one end of all the strips together.  I then decide we would put some beads in the middle of the ball.  These were threaded onto the thread and then the needle was passed though the other end of all the strips before being tied off.
Next time I might try joining them with split pins and add a bow to the top.
Nearer Christmas when we are getting more into decorating the house we might also turn more of them into paper chains. 
I remember when Matthew was younger we made paper chains to put in his room.  When he went to bed we had to remove them because they scared him.  Even though he is now 6 he still doesn't like different things hanging in his room and again goes to bed with a night light.  Oh well I guess he will eventually grow out of this.


  1. I love how you recycle your son's art. I feel bad throwing so much of my kids' art away. I try to keep the best ones, but with 5 kids, there's only so much I can keep.

    1. I have to hide it in the middle of the paper recycling pile or he finds them.

  2. Another mum said she scans the kids art and shrinks it to make a book. Think I might give this a go. As you said you can only keep so much.

  3. What great ideas! Not only do you not have to throw the art away, but you get to share it too!

  4. Love all Card Making ideas and using the kids' art for it is just perfect! Thanks for joining in with the #GetYourCraftOn #Stationery challenge!!


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