Monday, November 18, 2013

Personalised Mugs

Matthew has constant problems with coughing.  We go backwards and forwards to the doctors but nothing seems to help.  Last time he was told to drink warm drinks (which he doesn't like).  To encourage him to drink them we decided to decorate a mug so that he had his own special one. 
I had already seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked fun.  So I had already visited a second hand shop and picked up a Mug for 1chf a bargain.  You might also have an old one tucked at the back of a cupboard that you no longer use.

He was then given the permanent markers and told he could draw what ever he wanted on the Mum to make it his.

After the young artist has finished you need to 'cook' the mug.  Pre. heat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 230 Celsius. Once the oven is heated up put your mug in for 30minutes.  After this time DO NOT open the door.  Turn the oven off and let it cool down.  If you open the door the change in temperature might crack the mug.

Just be aware that some of the colours will change while it is cooking. Home grown friends has a great photo showing how the colours might change if you are worried.

Nice to see him draw things I could recognise.  We ended up with a house, train and helicopter.

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  1. Aww! How sweet! I would sip my coffee with pride in one of these.
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