Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mothers Magic Tree House

Ok I have finally got totally mad making this tree house.  Matthew has just started reading the Magic Tree House books.  These are great books for boys or girls I guess.  They are about two children who find a magic tree house full of books that take them on lots of adventures. The first one was all about Dinosaurs which caught Matthew's attention.  The second one we are currently reading is about Knights.  Later comes, space, dolphins, tigers, Ninjas and many more.
Last night I made the mistake of wasting some time on Pinterest.  This tree house got my attention.  I just don't think I realised how big it was going to be when I made it.  You could probably halve the size and still have a good size for Lego men etc.
I would like to thank for this great idea, instructions and templates that you just print cut out and stick together.
While Matthew was at kindergarten I cut out all the pieces.  Just as well I had a huge cardboard box tucked away that some furniture had come in.  I could have carried on and done the painting in piece and quiet, but decided I really should let Matthew join in the fun.
In the stories the main characters get into the Magic tree house by climbing a rope ladder.  So of course Matthew challenged me to add one.  Had to put my thinking cap on for that one and came up with thread and lolly sticks.

Matthew is now out at a birthday party but I thought I would get his Lego men out, but think that the Duplo men might be a better size.

I'm sure one of the stories must be about police and firemen.
Another day we might add some stepping stones and a pond to the garden.  Matthew has also challenged me to put lots of books in the tree house like in stories.  Thinking cap on again I think.  Unless of course any of you can come up with ideas for that bit?
Just now have to work out where to put the thing.  Think it is just a little on the large size to sit on a shelf.
We are now doing an activity to go with each book when we finish it.  If you would like activities to go along with these books (the ones we have read or will soon)  follow our board on Pinterest Magic Tree House book activities.



  1. A while back my son asked me to make books for his LEGO men. I took 3 small (about 1in by 2in) pieces of cardstock, stapled them down the middle, and folded along the staple. From there you can use a pen to write small words. I did word families- one book for cat, bat, rat, etc. another book for ring, sing, wing, etc.

  2. Thanks for this. Will have to give it a go.

  3. This is so cool! I love the ladder you added. I think I'll make something like this for the birthday of my girl next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you. Amazing what you can find on the internet.

  4. My older children have all read and loved the magic tree house series of books. This tree house you made is amazing, I never thought to venture to do this with my kids. I might just have to as the younger kids get older and start getting into the books. Thank you for sharing with us at The MaMade Blog Hop!


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