Monday, November 11, 2013

Mosaic pictures

I'm always saving things or making things because they might come in useful some time.  Lots of things that get printed are tucked away in a draw in the office.  The pile gets deeper and deeper until you can hardly open the draw.

Yesterday Matthew was entertaining himself so I decided to sort through the draw.  I decided several things were no longer needed so I put them in the paper recycling.  Unfortunately later on Matthew found this picture.

Even though it was one I had done he got sad about it being recycled and wanted to keep it. But it reminded me about the craft.  It is so easy to do and uses scraps of card left over from other activities.

All you need is:

Scraps of card

First of all get the kids to cut up scraps of card, coloured paper, magazine pictures etc. into small pieces.  I cut ours into squares but that doesn't matter.

Next you need to draw a bold picture.  Not so sure Matthew got the idea of this bit but he still had fun with his picture.
Then all you need to do is stick pieces of paper inside the shape to make your picture.
I still have lots of pieces of paper left over from the last time we did this craft so I might get them out again and do a train picture.  Or a Christmas tree.


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