Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making box

With all the making that Matthew likes to do we always have bits and pieces left over.  All these end together going into a big plastic box.

We have foam balls, feathers, shells, old CD's, pinecones, stickers, wobbly eyes, lolly sticks.  You name it we probably have it or have had it.
The other day after making his window decoration, Matthew had things all over his bedroom floor.  He decided to carry on making up came up with his own CD decoration.

I knew there was a reason to keep those feathers.
I love it when he comes up with his own ideas.  This is starting to happen more now.  He often wakes up in the morning and goes to the office to get paper and sellotape to make something.
I should remember more often just to get the box out and see what he comes up with.  We also have another much bigger box full of cardboard tubes, yoghurt tubs, crisp tubes, small boxes etc. that he loves to get out and make things.


  1. I think I should begin my comment by saying what a VERY lucky boy you have! He has a mom who understands the importance of creative and imaginative play in a child's growth and development. The photos of your son by a "fire" and in his fort are priceless! Thank you. I have pinned this to my "parenting" and "children" boards on Pinterest.


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