Monday, November 4, 2013

Make your own games.

Ever since Matthew was young I have made toys for him.  I look at toys in the shop and almost have a heart attack at the price.  I then take another look and think I'm sure I could make a similar version.  Ok it won't be glossy and have the fancy packing, but does this matter.  I don't know about your kids but mine will love a toy to start with and then it gets forgotten about.  So is it worth spending a fortune or a bit of your own time and effort.

Fishing game

Probably one of the first games I made was a fishing game.

We cut out a selection of brightly coloured fish from card and put in metal split pins for the eyes.  Then we made the fishing rod.

A magnet was sellotaped onto a cork and a metal staple hammered into the other end.  Some string was then tied to the staple and Matthew decorated it with some small beads before we tied it to a stick.  We also made a pond from some blue felt but you could use a blue towel or even a washing basket.
When Matthew got older we added numbers onto the back.  We now take it in turns to catch a fish and the person with the highest number wins that round.  The winner is the person at the end with the most fish.

Throwing game

From looking at this blog you may start to realise that I hate to throw anything away.  When Matthew was young he had a small kids tent.  After a while the poles broke.  I tucked the fabric at the back of a cupboard for a while (out of my husbands sight).  Then decided to make a couple of jumping sacks. 

The remaining fabric then got made into bean bags, filled with rice and a target made out of felt.  Since making this game the bean bags have been used for all sorts of different games well worth doing.


Recently Matthew has got into drawing.  He can draw things you recognise such as houses and trees and people but often chooses not to.  Just to encourage him a bit I made our own simple version of Pictionary.  All I did was print some words such as house, girl, snowman onto labels and then bright card.  I tried to think of things I knew he could draw.  We then put the cards in a pile and took it in turns to pick a card and draw it while the other person had to guess what it was.  Next time I'll try some slightly harder things and maybe stick them on different colour card. As we get different colours I might include a spinner.  You would then spin the spinner which tells you what colour card to choose.

Felt food

The felt food has probably been my biggest success.  I made this a long time ago and it still gets played with.  We have even used it to try and encourage healthy eating.

It is interesting to see what the food is going to get used for next.  We have had teddy parties, BBQ's in the garden, restaurants and recently shops.

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