Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dust sheet buildings

Matthew loves to build houses out of our old dust sheets.  Normally they are built over the dining chairs.  But in the summer they were used on the washing line.

I often have to help him get the sheets in place and then he pegs them together.  Under the washing line he even decided to put in flooring.
Yesterday he decided to have a bit of a change.  We built a dust sheet building as normal in the lounge.  You could hardly get past it.  Matthew then decided to turn it into a library.
Half of his book case must have come downstairs.  He sorted them into fiction and nonfiction.  He even decided to have  gardening and craft sections.  For me to borrow the books he decided I needed a library card the same as all good libraries. So he then rushed off to his bedroom cut out a piece of paper and returned with a library card.
He spent ages lending me different books and returning them.  A couple of times he decided the library had to close as customers hadn't returned the books to the shelves.
I even managed to persuade him to have story time at his library and listened to him read the next chapter of  The Knight at Dawn a magic tree house book.
Buildings like this are great they can be turned into Castles, houses anything to go with the game at the time.
we have even been known to build a house out of rolled up newspapers.


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