Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Even though Matthew is only 6 he can read English very well.  Recently he has started to read chapter books.  But sometimes when we are doing puzzles or other things he still tries to get me to tell him what he has to do rather than reading it for himself.

So I thought I would put together an activity to get him doing the reading.  He loves doing treasure hunts and we often do various different ones.  This time I decided to make it seasonal and use riddles that he has to work out to find the next clue.

A few years ago I made some Christmas shape templates cut out of old cereal boxes so got these out to cut some Christmas shapes out of coloured paper.

We had some label stickers laying around so I put these on to write the clues.
I would be totally lost without the Internet and it came in really useful for writing the clues this time.
Lots of the clues didn't work out for us as I didn't have the right decoration such as a Reindeer.  So I used some that can be used all year round as well.  Here are the ones that I ended up using.
  1. The first clue is hidden near to a light.  Start looking now the lights not bright.
  2. Now you're on your second clue,, these go on before your shoes.
  3. Time to chill, time to think please go here for a cool cool drink
  4. If you want to learn and grow turn the page get in the know.
  5. If you find it's snowy don't fall like Jack and Jill instead you can use this transport to make it down the hill
  6. If you want your teeth to shine pick this up and spend some time.
  7. The last clue was naff sorry about that.  The next can be found under a mat.
  8. You'll start making him getting on a roll.  Then adding a scarf a carrot and some coal.
  9. When it's cold out you'll find yourself a wreck without something warm to wrap around your neck
  10. The next clue just has to be under the tree.  Hurry up and find it then read it to me.
  11. If you're in a hungry mood go here first and find some food.
  12. Hooray it's the last clue solve it, if you're able the treasure can be found under a table.


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by our FB Playful Preschool Share day. I've been wanting to do a scavenger hunt with my kids. I have shared a link back to this post here

  2. Thanks for sharing our treasure hunt. I love to share our ideas and help other mums entertain and teach their kids.

  3. This sounds so fun! We do treasure hunts like this, but so far our clues are much simpler, like "dog bed" (new reader in the house! lol!)

  4. I love a good treasure hunt, this is great!


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