Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bacon and cheese swirls

I'm always on the look out for easy, quick meals to prepare.  Ideally one that Matthew will actually eat rather than leaving on his plate.  So thought I would give this one a go.  Couldn't get any easier.
All you need is:
Rectangular ready made pizza base
Just lay out your pizza base and cover with bacon and grated cheese.  I used Swiss sliced bacon (very thin) but you could use any sliced bacon or even diced would work as well.  I also cheated with ready grated cheese but you could get the kids to do this.  I have a great child friendly grater that can't hurt little fingers.
Then roll up the base and cut into slices.  I then just followed the cooking instructions on the base packet.  We eat them with oven cooked chips (rare treat), but we actually decided they were nice cold as well.  Will have to remember them next summer for picnics.
Another time we might try these with Peperoni/Salami you could also use Ham.

What quick meals do you like to cook?

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