Friday, November 1, 2013

Advent calenders.

Two years ago I decided I would make an advent calendar. I raided the local craft shops for ideas.  One shop was selling packs of blank match boxes and number stickers up to 24.  I thought these looked like they had promise so I bought a pack.  It was only when I got home I realised there were only 12 boxes in a bag.  Back I went.

 Now what it make with them.  Not being very good at drawing I decided to go for a simple Christmas tree shape.

I looked into small toys that would fit in but in the end decided on little wrapped chocolates. This was done as a surprise for Matthew and when he saw it he loved it.  I just forgot about having to take it back to England with us for Christmas so that he could open the last doors. He also decided it needed some more decorations as it was a Christmas tree so out came the stickers.

After Christmas I was going to recycle the cardboard.  Taking it down I realised the boxes were not stuck down very well and they could all be taken off.  Great I thought.  Maybe I can get a second year out of these.

So last year when I asked what he wanted for an advent calendar I hoped I could reuse these boxes.  He came up with the idea of a train.  Great I thought as long as I make it a green train the boxes get to live again.

This year a left over packing box saved the day.  After cutting it out the paints transformed it into a train before the boxes were added.

Matthew new what he was getting, but was most surprise when he saw I'd added a photo of him as the train driver.

This year there were again small chocolates in the boxes.  But as Matthew was already teaching himself to read I decided to add a joke as well.  Having decided on this I went to Activity Villlage and printed out these great Christmas lunch box jokes
Guess soon I should be putting on my thinking cap for this year.  Still have the train tucked away but not sure he would let me get away with bringing the same one out again.

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