Thursday, November 7, 2013

Advent activities

Every year we make an advent calendar.  Last year Matthew decided he wanted a train.

Each day leading up to Christmas he gets to open one of the little boxes.  Inside he will find a small chocolate.  Last year he also found a Christmas joke.  These I found on a great website of kids activities, Activity Village. They have so much it is well worth a visit for any activity or occasion.
This year we are cheating a bit.  Matthew want's to have the train again.  Luckily it had been tucked away with the Christmas decorations and is still in good condition.  So that will save me one job.  The chocolates have already been bought and I have decided this year to put an activity in with them. 
I stuck some plain stickers that were stuck at the back of a draw onto some scraps of Christmas card.  On each of these I have a written a Christmas activity.

I have included
  1. Make wrapping paper
  2. Decorate your room
  3. Make teachers gifts
  4. Go for a walk to see Christmas lights
  5. Go Ice skating
  6. Listen to Christmas songs
  7. Make a Christmas video
  8. Make Christmas biscuits
  9. Make a tree decoration
  10. Decorate a gingerbread house.  (using crackers for the building and butter icing to hold it together)
  11. Make a picture using red and green things.  Possibly coloured rice/pasta, bottle tops, ribbon, paper, anything he can find.
  12. Make a door wreath.
  13. Have an indoor snowball fight.  (newspaper made into snowballs)
  14. Read a Christmas story
  15. Make grattiman (Swiss bread men given out on 6th Dec by santa)
  16. Make a table arrangement
  17. Colour a Christmas picture
  18. Make a popcorn garland
  19. Make snowflakes
  20. Visit the Christmas market
  21. Make a father Christmas
  22. Do a Christmas Puzzle
  23. Decorate candles.
  24. Make something with glitter.
I will also make a few extra ones that can be slipped in if it decides to snow before Christmas.
Activity village also has some Advent lunchbox activity notes that you can print out and also a black page you can make your own.

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