Monday, October 28, 2013

Trick or treat, Pumpkins and Ghosts.

Back in the autumn we made some papier-mâché pumpkins as decorations.  Now they have been given a face and mouth to hold our lolly ghosts for Halloween.

In Switzerland Halloween is not such a big thing, and in our old village nothing seemed to happen.  Ok Matthew was younger then and didn't really know any of the local kids.  So last year I was expecting the same.  We had also only been in the new house 2 months so I wasn't prepared when trick or treaters came to the door.  Luckily that day Matthew and I had made Halloween biscuits so these had to do the job.

This year I won't get caught out again.  Today I was busy making lolly ghosts.

Very simple and easy to make.

All you need are.

  • Wrapped lollies
  • Square Tissues
  • Thin white string or white thread.
  • Black pen.

Some of my lollies turned out to be fully wrapped rather than just the head.  But they will still do the job.  All you have to do is trap the head of the lolly in the tissue and wrap the white thread around it to keep it in place.  Then draw on the face.


I then put all of these Ghosts into the pumpkin ready for all the trick or treaters on Halloween.  Knowing my luck they won't come this year. 


I'm also planning on drawing pumpkin faces onto tangerines with Permanent markers.  Ok someone has to try and be a bit healthy. 

Matthew then decided he wanted to hide them around the garden as a treasure hunt.


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