Friday, October 18, 2013

Toilette roll bat

Recently we had been reading a magic school bus book about bats, and with Halloween around the corner we decided to have a go at making a bat.
The book had explained about bats being furry so we decided to cover our bats with black felt instead of painting him. 
We started by covering the toilette roll tube with the felt.  At one end we then folded in the sides and pinched down the top and bottom to make the face.
We then cut out the shape of the wings from an old cereal box and covered them in felt before cutting them out.
In our odds and sods box we had some wobbly eyes so these got added.  Matthew then decided he wanted to be able to hand the bat down the stairs to scare his dad.  I made a hole through the top of the bat with a skewer and threaded some string through.
After being lowered down the stairs he decided it was time to fly out the window.
Here are just a couple of easy Halloween craft ideas.


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