Sunday, October 27, 2013

String Art

Over the weekend there always seems to be so much house work to be getting on with.  Matthew had been pretty good so when he started to get fidgety we did a craft he had previously asked to do. Matthew likes to watch a TV programme called Mr Maker. He has lots of different ideas for kids to make, including this great string picture.
You would need.
cereal box card
other materials of your choice
First of all you need to make a pattern on the card with the string.  The TV programme said to dip the string in the glue and then lay it on the card to make a pattern.  I found this rather messy and the string kept sticking to my fingers.
I found it easier to get Matthew to make a pattern of glue on the card. I then laid the string on top pressing it down with the point of a pencil.  That way the string staid on the card and not my fingers. Then you need to leave it to dry.
Once it is dry the fun part starts.  Painting all the different sections of the pattern different colours. Matthew even managed to keep the colours separate rather than every thing turning the normal brown sort of colour.
We also tried filling some of the sections with glue and added coloured rice. Thanks to Jackie from Happy Hooligans for this idea.  There are so many other things you could fill the sections with, for example Sand, Lentils or sequins.
I prepared a few more boards at the same time thinking that nearer Christmas we would try it again using glitter or home made glitter paints
 I know I must be mad thinking of using glitter but we have hard floors so it is easy to hoover up.  I always wonder how my Mum copped having 4 kids and carpet on all the floors.  So much easier now with tiles and wood.  Spilt drink no problem just dry it up.


  1. I love the idea of adding colored rice too! (I'm one of those mothers who aren't brave enough to use glitter in the house though! lol)

  2. Fun idea. I love seeing creative new techniques. I featured you at Mom's Library at Meaningful Mama. Come on over, grab a button, and we'd love to have you linking up this week too. Just pinned this!

  3. Thank you very much for featuring this at Mom's Library. I've attempted to add the button. Glad you liked it.


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