Monday, October 7, 2013

Pirate party

The last two years Matthew has asked for a pirate party.  I tend to get a bit carried away when it comes to making things and a party is a great opportunity for this.
Matthew's birthday is in June so we hope for nice weather.  If we don't get it then when do you.  So I decide a pirate party would have to involve water.  What goes with water and pirates but boats.
I had been into town on paper/card recycling day.  The shops had all put there empty boxes out for collection.  Walking past one shop I saw a huge empty box ideal I thought.  (might have looked strange taking it home on the tram) 
 I drew out a ship shape on the box and cut it out.  Painting it I decided that acrylic paints covered better.
I also cut out some waves and sails. On the back of the sales I taped two smartie tubes with one end removed.  These would slip over two garden canes taped to the back of the ship.  The waves were glued on.
I made the sails so that they would rotate round the pole.  The port holes were also made large to that cannon balls could be thrown at them.  The poles came out the bottom of the boat so they could be pushed into the grass.
These foam cannon balls were so easy to make and could be used dry or with water depending on the weather. I couldn't find suitable sponges so I used thin cushion foam which worked perfectly.  Instead of using string I also found it was easier to use a short cable tie around the middle.  The kids loved these and were kept occupied for ages.  They actually came out again at his second pirate party sorted.
This treasure hunt was so easy to make and still gets bought out from time to time.  I drew round a small plate onto thick cardboard and cut them out.  From the scraps I cut out some triangles and stuck them to the circles.  I then covered these with tinfoil.  The picture I then used were just clip art.  The kids were given the first coin with a tree on the back.  They then had to look for the next coin in a tree, then the fruit bowl etc.  At the last location they found the treasure.
Skull and Crossbones decoration 

This was another cardboard box creation.  I printed out a skull and cross bones from clip art (not to scary as it was for young kids)  I enlarged it in paint and printed it onto multiple pages which I stuck together to make a template. Could also be a pin the nose on the skull.

Swords made from newspaper.  I wish I could take credit for this sword idea  They were so easy make (I had to make 25) and as they were made from paper nobody got hurt even with a few boisterous boys around.
 Apple pirate boats.
Ok so the sails should have been black, but I didn't think I could print the picture on black paper.  I just sliced the apple at the last moment and put in the sails that had been made in advance.


  1. Yay for Pirate Parties! I'm looking for ideas for my boys for next week -- thank you!
    Thanks for linking this information up with The Thoughtful Spot!

  2. Very interesting!! Like how you incorporated the theme! I am sure the birthday boy had fun.

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