Friday, October 25, 2013

Pine cone trees

When Matthew was young he was given a railway.  Over the years this has been added to.  The track has got longer the trains faster, towels have become rivers and more tunnels have been added.
Last winter Matthew decided it needed some trees so the train could go through a forest.  Luckily near his kindergarten there is a pine tree and we had previously collected lots of pine cones.  I'm terrible for collecting things with the idea that they will come in useful some time.
I also have a bag of various bottle tops and jar lids which came in useful.
We stuck the pine cones into the lids which then became instant trees.  Looking back now these would have been great painted green or autumnal colours as well.  PVA glue took a while to dry so I think we probably resorted to the good old glue gun to speed things up.
A bit nearer Christmas Matthew decided they needed to be turned into Christmas trees so out came the glitter paints.
I have some large cones we collected in Spain this year.  No doubt these will get used in the future maybe a Christmas decoration.  Will have to browse pinterest for some ideas.  Another great way to find good activities (or should I say waste time.)

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