Thursday, October 3, 2013

Permanent marker Tie-die Shirts.

Easy Tie-die Shirts

I had been wanting to do tie die for a long time but it seemed like hard work.  And working out what I would need in Switzerland just put me off.  So when I saw this great idea for easy tie-die on happiness is home made I just had to give it a go.

All you need is

Permanent marker
Fabric (we used an old bed sheet and then a t-shirt)
A dropper
Surgical spirit/rubbing alcohol (pur alcohol in Switzerland from the chemists

 At the time of doing this I wasn't thinking about doing a blog so some of the steps are missing from the photos.  To make the round patterns you see about make a circle of blogs with the permanent markers and then drop some surgical spirit in the middle. If you are thinking of doing a T-shirt put a piece of card inside to stop the colour spreading to the back.  Experiment with more than one colour and different patterns.  Once it is all total dry iron it to make the colour fast.  Have fun.

  For full instructions go to

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