Thursday, October 3, 2013

Packing box shop

After moving house last year I held onto some of our packing boxes.  They have been boats, Castles, Volcanoes and now two have become a shop.

I opened up the top of a box and the bottom of a box and placed them on top of each other.  I then cut out three sides of a rectangle on the top one and folded it down to make a window and shelf.  Small windows were then made on the sides by again cutting 3 sides.  These flaps we folded out and added chalk boards (black paper) with prices and opening times.  (These were Matthews choice)

We had some spare white house paint do decided to paint the shop but you could leave it plain.  We then added some strips of paper for the shop blind.

Small boxes were added to the front to store the food.

Over the years I've made lots of food out of felt.  They have had lots of different uses the shop being the latest of a long line from playing Restaurants, Cooking, Teddy picnics and BBQ's
Our local super market has also started doing a collection of miniature items.  These have now been added to the shop in some new shelves.  Matthew picked up this empty cardboard box in our local DIY store thinking he could find a use for it.
We have also managed to bring some maths into this by using the till and paying for the food.  Every little helps.


  1. I love this! What a great way to re-use a packing box - and so much fun for imaginative play!

  2. This is awesome! I never thought about making felt food for my girls. It would be so much better than the plastic ones I keep having to buy after someone steps on them.

  3. Fantastic! It s amazing what you. An re use cardboard boxes for. Thanks for linking #familyfrugallinky

  4. Thank you for linking up with Frugal Family Linky - your post has been featured this week on Peakle Pie! Hope that you link up again soon!

  5. I featured your post at Our Daily Craft as well. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is awesome! Thanks for linking up at Hands-on Activities! Hope you join us again this month!


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