Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hibernating Animals

Matthew asked today what animals hibernate?  So I thought this was a good opportunity to get the computer to find out.

 You will need.

Brown paper
Backing paper
pictures of animals  (we cut ours from magazines etc)

We also used cotton wool and shape punches to make some leaves.
Once we had all out materials we made our background.   Matthew decided he wanted to put brown paper at the bottom of our picture for the ground and he asked me to cut out a tree truck.  We then added on more branches to make an autumn tree.
Matthew then decided to draw tunnels under the ground for the animals to live in.  Now we have our background we had to find out what animals hibernate.  So out came the computer.  Matthew has already learnt that if you have a question use Google to find the answer.  Good old Google came up with the goods.

After finding out that animals such as Badges, Squirrels, Foxes, Wasps, Hedgehogs etc hibernate we went through our bag of pictures.
When Matthew was younger we used to go through magazines, newspapers, holiday brochures etc cutting pictures out.  These are now separated into bags for plants, animals, food etc.  Amazing how often they now come in useful.

While we were sticking the pictures on I explained that some animals hibernate in piles of leaves.  So then out came the whole punch.

Matthew also decided the animals needed some tree houses. 

And some snow on the braches.

Where possible I try to encourage his writing.  We might even add the names of the animals tomorrow.

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