Monday, October 14, 2013

Hexi Cards

I would like to thank picklebums for coming up with the great idea of Hexi Cards a colour matching game.  She even has it ready to print.
We took the game one step further.  We printed the sheets and cut them out.  Then we decided to add some numbers.  Some of the Hexagons we wrote numbers in some of the sections others we left blank.
The original game was to match the colours.  We do this but then we bring in the maths.  If you match a Hexagon you get one point but if you manage to  Match a triangle with a number you get that many points.
In this sample the player matched two red triangles and a 4 so he got 4 points.  Players take it in turns to take the next Hexagon of an upturned pile and then have to find somewhere they can place it.
Sometimes you might be able to match two colours at once.  This time the player played the blank Hexagon.  He got two matching the red with the 2 and 1 for matching the yellow.
Each time a player goes they add their new points to their total as they go along.  Great chance for kids to practice writing numbers.
It's also fun to see the patterns you end up with.



  1. Great idea! Love Picklebums!! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  2. A brilliant maths activity. Multi-sensory and fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us at After School!


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