Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fun with food.

Having had a fussy eater I try to find fun things to do with food.  Especially if it includes fruit which he is really fussy about eating.

In kindergarten when it is someone's birthday they are allowed to take 'cakes' to share.  This year I decided to try going healthy with this crocodile.  I got some grapes sliced cheese and tinned pineapple that I put onto cocktail sticks.  These were then stuck into the back of the crocodile.  Two cherry tomatoes were added for eyes and a slice of carrot cut into the shape of teeth.  I was most surprised when I collected him later to find very little of the crocodile left.  
I also sent along Pirate boats. I printed lots of skull and crossbones onto a sheet of paper and then cut them into sails.  Which were put into slices of apple.
Oh he did also get tiny cupcakes to take in as well so that the kids got their cake.  I was most surprised how well the healthy option went down.  I think every kid came out proudly holding their flag.
We have also made pictures out fruit for snack time.
This is another easy fun food activity.  Put a small amount of milk into a few little dishes.  In each dish add a few drops of food colouring.  Then let you kinds loose with some new paintbrushes (or ones you keep for food)  After the artist is finished toast the bread and enjoy.  I have also done this at a playgroup and it went down so well we had to send out for more milk and bread.
You may want to explain milk is edible not like normal paint.
Fussy Eater
If you also have a fussy eater you might like to give this ago.
Matthew never liked to try new food.  He would say he didn't like it without even trying it.  I have a box of odds and sods in my craft supplies that I got out to see what we could up with.  This character was the end result.  Every time Matthew tried a new food he got to have the smilie man to see at his place for the next two meals.  He didn't have to eat lots or even like it.  He just had to try it.  Since then lots of new foods have been tried.  He is still fussy but now doesn't whinge when I put something new on his plate.

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