Monday, October 28, 2013

Footprint treasure hunt

Matthew loves doing treasure hunts of any kind.  This is one that he often gets out to do again and again.  He also likes to lay the trails.
It is so easy to do.  Firstly draw around your child's foot.  Then cut out lots of feet we did it in lots of different colours but you could also use newspaper or turn their old art into feet.  Also easier and quicker if you put lots of sheets together and cut lots out in one go.
Then all you need to do is lay a trail to be followed.  Ours have been all over the place up the stairs in the kitchen and out the back door.  Although out the back door wasn't such a good idea at the time as they were blown around a bit.

As Matthew got older we wrote messages on the feet with things he had to do as he got to them.

  1. Sing a song.
  2. Count to 10
  3. Find a blue car.
  4. Jump 5 times.
  5. Tickle your tummy.
  6. Find something starting with B.
  7. Stand on one foot.
  8. Touch your head.
  9. Clap hands.
  10. Go to the next red foot.

You could ask you child to come up with ideas to go on the feet.  Then as they follow the trail they have to do the activity as they get to it.  It extends the activity and helps with their reading.

I just had our feet out to see what I had written on them. It's fun to see how much Matthew's feet have grown since the first time we played this game.

What fun treasure would you put at the end of the trail.  Ours has been known to end up at the fridge around snack time.


  1. This is so fun and clever! The simplest activities are the best. Thank you for sharing on our FB page! Pinned!

  2. Love it and you could use pictures for younger kids too I bet. Great indoor game for the really yucky days!

  3. Yes Sarah lots of options for this. Mine was a very early reader which is why we used words. But you could use a picture of a person jumping and the number 5. Clip art is great when you can't draw like me.

  4. This is such a fun idea, and very versatile! You could extend this for older kids by having them write their own clues using new vocabulary words they've learned. Thanks for adding this post to my Vocabulary Building link list!

  5. This is such a cute idea. It looks like fun. Thanks for sharing at the After School Link Up.


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