Monday, October 21, 2013

Food pyramid

  The other day while I was putting shopping away he spread a table cloth out on the floor and split it into sections explaining about halves and quarters as he went. I've no idea why.
He then went and collected his felt food that I'd made and mini foods from a super market offer and started to sort them into different groups.  He started with fruit, veg, meat, sugary and then got stuck where to put the milk and cheese. 

Matthew can be a fussy eater so I then thought this was a great opportunity to talk to him about why he has to eat fruit and veg.  So we decided to continue his sorting and make a food pyramid.

We laid out different colour paper for each part of the pyramid.  (we found a great picture in one of his kids cook books.)

And then sorted the food.

It was so easy then for Matthew to see about eating lots of bread, rice, pasta and only a small amount of cakes, ice-creams etc. 

Matthew wanted to stick this on the fridge door so that he could remember what to eat.  Didn't think that would work so guess we had better make a paper version at some point. Will probably cut pictures out of the supermarket advertising leaflets through the door.

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