Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For a few mornings I was looking after a friends child.  I was told at the moment he was into Dinos. So I was very glad when I can across this idea for making Plate-a-sauruses on http://www.learnwithplayathome.com/
I had the templates ready printed out.  The first one they chose to do was of course T-Rex.  They painted the plate and left it to dry while they cut out the body parts.  When the first coat of paint was dry out came the sponges.
The second day they asked to make another dino and went onto complete the 3 remaining ones.

 As we had used paint the previous day we went for sticking today.  Out came glitter glue, scraps of wrapping paper, feathers etc.

They even discovered a new Dino.  Feathersaurus.
The friend went home with a family of Dinos and Matthew put his onto his magnetic notice board.


  1. Just spotted this on Pinterest and had to comment how I love them! I did the original guest post on Learn With Play at Home and it is so lovely to see somebody making the dinosaurs :-) Will share on my FB page

    1. Thanks for doing these. They kept my son and a friend occupied for two mornings over a school holiday. Most appreciated.


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