Friday, October 25, 2013

Country living and pumpkins

I'm so glad that we managed to find a house that suited us out in the country.  From our front door we can go walking in the hills or cycling through the fields.  Matthew also has the freedom to play outside and before long will be walking to Kindergarten with his friends without a parent.
This time last year we were nearing the first snow so we are making the most of the unseasonably warm weather.  Today we decided to walk/ride to the neighbouring village to buy our Halloween pumpkin.
On the way we came across these carvings.  Amazing what you can do with a chainsaw.

Somebody has more imagination than I do.

Matthew was amazed at all the different types of pumpkins available.  Given half the chance I think he would have taken them all home.  In the end I let him choose one large one and a few small ones to make a table arrangement.

He had enjoyed his ride out so much, I managed to talk him into riding home again as well.  Luckily I had taken a drink and chocolate biscuits to snack on the way. 

Not mine but thought it looked fun.
Not like the cows we see every day from our front door.

Once home, Matthew just about gave me time to drink a cup of tea before going outside to make his lantern.  I did the cutting while he decided to plant some pumpkin seeds.  Not sure about it being the right time of year.  But that might be handy as I don't think our vegetable patch is large enough for pumpkins as well as everything else we want to grow.
 It was interesting to see how realistic our Papier-mâché was.  Don't think we did a bad job.  Just need to add the faces to them as well now that Halloween is fast approaching.


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