Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cardboard box fun

When we moved a year ago I tried to think of ways to involve Matthew and make it easier for him and us.  We were moving ourselves so we had lots of packing to do.  Of course Matthew was wanting to help.
So I decide to give him his own packing box.  So that he could pack his own special things.  As none of the other boxes would be decorated he would be able to see his box and know when it was loaded and unloaded.

Once we were unpacked and settled into the new house we had lots of empty big cardboard boxes.  And as all Mums know kids are more interested in the box that what was in it. So we came up with various different uses for them.



  1. Very cool. I love the plane, and his focused pilot! Was it not too much work? Did you connect the engine with glue or something else? We normally use Makedo connectors (check this post) for connecting cardboard.

    1. Didn't take to long. I just made sure the lines on the card went the right direction so that it would roll. I cheat sometimes and use a hot glue gun. Really useful to have around..

  2. Fantastic box ideas! The hours you must have spent on the castle-you really enjoy seeing your kids happy, well done! I'll be featuring you this week on Mom's Library at Crystal's Tiny Treasures.

  3. Glad you like the castle. Matthew loved playing with it and making it. At the time we had only just moved so had lots of packing boxes around. Thanks

  4. How fun! Such adorable ideas, I love the airplane its just too stinking cute!
    Sheena @

  5. Love all the ways you reused the boxes! Must have made moving a bit more fun for him! :)


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